Lady Mrs Fitzroy

Life size


Contemporary Sculpture, Figurative, Historic Statue

Gympie Council, Queensland

In early 2017, Gillie and Marc were commissioned to create a sculpture of Lady Mary Fitzroy dipping her toe into water – in recognition of the impact floods have had on Gympie, Queensland. The city is deeply connected to Lady Mary, known for her compassion and philanthropy. Lady Mary Lennox became a Fitzroy when she married her husband, Sir Charles August Fitzroy on a trip to Paris. The British native moved to Australia, where then Sir Charles became the first governor-general of Australia in 1850. Tragically, the well-respected Lady Mary was killed by a carriage accident. The heart broken Governor Fitzroy named a number of Queensland landmarks in memory of his kind wife, including the Mary River, Mary Street, Maryborough, and Mary Terrace. Hers is a story of tragedy, but above all else, love. Gillie and Marc’s creation of the sculpture marked the launch of a historic walking trail for the city of Gympie, which fuels increased tourism to the area.