Archbishop Polding and his horse

Life size


Contemporary Sculpture, Figurative, Animals

Archbishop John Bede Polding is an extraordinary man who lived from 1794-1877. Gillie and Marc were asked to commemorate this local legend in bronze for Rosebank College in Five Dock, NSW. Gillie and Marc created the Archbishop Polding sculpture along with his horse, because in one month alone he was known for having traveled over 1,500 kilometers on horseback, preaching and praying to help those in need. The sculpture inspires the community to be kinder and more welcoming, while at the same time passionately driven towards a better tomorrow for all. Born in Liverpool, England, Polding arrived in Sydney on September 13th, 1935 to become the city’s first bishop. While initially met with suspicion, his dedication and gentleness gained him respect from even his most adverse opponents. Polding attended to the needs of the general public, the sick and dying, the poor and disadvantaged, as well as the spiritual needs of prisoners. For 30 years, he worked with love and open arms to create a truly Australian Catholic Church. Polding, a recognized academic, fought for education and established two monasteries, as well as the first Australian religious community. Inside or outside of the religious community, he is a heartwarming example of human goodness. His extreme compassion coupled with dedication, allowed him to establish some of Australia’s most respected institutes, and touch the lives of people for generations.