The Importance of Statues

Why is it so important to see your legend on the streets? 

  1. Public art is for everyone! Instead of being hidden away in stuffy galleries or museums, public sculptures are right there on the street. You can’t get more inclusive than that!
  2. It brings beauty, interest, and education to the streets, making them nicer places to be.
  3. They can be used as a tool to inspire the public to engage and encourage discussion, creating a more active and mindful community.
  4. It inspires artistic expression and encourages budding artists to get creative.
  5. It’s a booster for business. From the cafe across the road to public transport, all local businesses benefit from the increase in visitors.
  6. It’s an investment in the good life, improving liveability and creating a sense of community pride.
  7. It builds connections between neighbours, celebrating their shared history and making cultural heritage something they can all be protectors of.
  8. It’s a productivity booster. Creating a more interesting place around workplaces improves morale, inspiring people to work harder.
  9. It’s a fun way to learn. By discovering the past we can open hearts and minds to shape a better future.
  10. It creates awareness of the issues that matter most in the community.