About Statues For Legends

Statues For Legends is on a mission to light up the world with stories of incredible human, animal, or mythical legends.

With a passion for sharing outstanding achievements with the world, Statues For Legends aspires to inspire, educate,
entertain, celebrate, and foster community spirit.

To help make this a reality, Statues For Legends will be co-funding every project by way of a program, ensuring every community can see their legend come to life. 

By utilising public art, the stories of these legends enrich community spaces where they can live on forever.


Do you know a Legend?
We want to help you celebrate the incredible stories (real and imagined), which make your community such a wonderful place to live!

For over 25 years Gille and Marc have created art in an autobiographical way, embodying their own selves through their iconic characters Rabbitwoman and Dogman and the tale of their unique love story. Statues for Legends was born out of this realization that we all have a story to tell. Gillie and Marc’s project Statues for Legends will offer specific communities the chance to have created a custom bronze sculpture that embodies the spirit of who they are!

Gillie and Marc will also be co-funding each statue as part of the Statues for Legends Project. In taking part, each location will be connected to other Gillie and Marc sculptures in a shared collective network, giving visibility to these unique narratives that continue to shape our sense of cultural identity, and that may otherwise go unheard or be forgotten.

Different Categories
• Unlikely animal heroes
• Sporting stars
• Folklore: fictional characters and creatures
• Pillars of the community
• Outstanding feats and achievements

We have worked with over 100 communities.