Darrel Baldock

Life size


Contemporary Sculpture, Figurative, Sports

Edition Number

Latrobe Council

Gillie and Marc were asked to create a bronze statue in Darrel’s likeness, so that his legacy could be immortalized at Latrobe. Darrel “Doc” Baldock started out an ordinary bloke from Quoiba in Tasmania, but during his lifetime he left a lasting legacy both statewide and nationally. The Doc captained the St Kilda Football club to its only premiership in 1966, was a champion horse breeder and trainer and a state politician until 1987, when he retired to coach his beloved Saints. Many who reach the same levels of success as Darrel Baldock lose grips on their humility and empathy for others. However, throughout his life, The Doc remained a humble and kind soul, loved by his friends, family and community.This sculpture has become a beloved staple at Latrobe, drawing in crowds who want to take photos with this legendary man. Recreating such a worthy role model in bronze reminds others to reach high, while never losing sight of their roots.